1. untitled
  2. So, Where Ya Headed/ Pancho and Lefty
  3. 2. God Fearing Agnostic/ Plow
  4. 3. The Lousy Parts of Socialism/ Money
  5. 4. 9th Ward New Orleans #5/ Swimming Back Home
  6. 5. American Idle / Fame
  7. 6. Stone Mountain/ Georgia
  8. 7. Victoria /Traveler
  9. 8. Thoughts on Fabric #2 / Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat
  10. 9. Wyoming /Sugar Mountain
  11. A funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Abyss # 98.5 1/2
  12. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Abyss/Round Up Ready
  13. Afterlife
  14. Angry Young Man
  15. Blood To Wine
  16. Blue Skies Blue
  17. Blue Skies Blue 6:28 Words and Music by Chandler and Roe
  18. Bob
  19. Breakfast Serial Killers
  20. Breakfast Serial Killers (radio edit)
  21. Carnivals
  22. Carnivals #3
  23. Chiapas/I ain't Got No Home...
  24. Cracker Jack Cure
  25. Cracker Jack Cure/The Dutchman
  26. Credit History
  27. December 2008
  28. December 2008 The Stone Mtn of Georgia
  29. Elvis
  30. Evil
  31. Evil (is boring)
  32. For You 4:18 Where Did You Go? Pat Wictor
  33. Freedom Is
  34. G Chord
  35. G Chord 4:26 Rockstroh/Chandler It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing Duke Ellington
  36. Generica
  37. Generica 5:47
  38. Generica 5:47 Rockstroh/Chandler Goin' Down The Road Woody Guthrie New Words By Chris Chandler/ Route 66 Bobby Troupe New Words By Chris Chandler
  39. God is in By Billy Jonas and Chris Chandler
  40. Hard Times (may follow you)
  41. I am in love with a drunk.
  42. I Dreamed I saw St Augustine (Florida)/Swimming to the other side
  43. Infinity
  44. Innocence
  45. Intro
  46. Last Thoughts on Elvis Presley
  47. Letters
  48. Letters 6:32used by permission of Carlos Arredondo/ Sitting In Limbo Jimmy Cliff
  49. Lightning Bugs and Barflies
  50. March 2009 "I am in love with a drunk"
  51. Martin Luther, Classic
  52. Muse and Whirled Retort April 2006
  53. Muses and Tinderboxes 8:36 You Don't Know What Love Is Don Raye & Gene DePaul
  54. NOLA 1 9th Ward, You Are Alive!
  55. NOLA 1 9th Ward, You Are Alive! 4:54 In The Neighborhood Tom Waits
  56. NOLA 2 The Flood 7
  57. NOLA 2 The Flood 7:39 Chandler & Roe I Wish I Was In New Orleans Tom Waits/ Louisiana 1927 Randy Newman New Lyrics By David Roe/ What A Wonderful World George David Weiss & Bob Thiele
  58. NOLA 3 Ash Wednesday
  59. NOLA 3 Ash Wednesday 5:21 Chandler & Roe House Where Nobody Lives Tom Waits/Pink Houses John Mellencamp/ Come On Up To The House Tom Waits
  60. Oklahoma by Dan Bern and Chris Chandler
  61. On Playing George Bush
  62. On Playing George Bush 6:16 There's No Business Irving Berlin/ Rally Round The Flag George Root/ Dixie Dan Emmet/ Proud To Be An American Lee Greenwood New Lyrics by Robin Rues, Anne Feeney and Chris Chandler/ God Bless America Irving Berlin
  63. Rush
  64. Sept 1, 1939/ Green Fields of France
  65. Sex, Sex, Sex
  66. Sex, Sex, Sex 6:07 Rockstroh/Chandler Ain't Misbehavin' Fats Waller/Sin To Tell A Lie Billy Mayhew/Makin' Whoopee Gus Kahn & Walter Donaldson/Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) Cole Porter/ You Are So Beautiful Billy Presto
  67. Sex/Let's Do It
  68. Sofas and #2 Pencils
  69. Talkin Okehma, OK and Hibbing, MN Blues
  70. That 70s Song
  71. That 70s Song 7:35 Rockstroh/Chandler Special Vocal Appearance by Phil Rockstroh
  72. The Ballad of Theodore and His Conspicuous Erection/ I Wanna be Like you
  73. The Dutchman/ Cracker Jack Cure
  74. The Pageant of the Paterson Silk Strike
  75. The Someday Cafe By Jim Infantino and Chris Chandler
  76. The United States of Generica
  77. The United States of Generica/Goin Down the Road...
  78. The Weasels
  79. The Weasels 18:47
  80. Theodore/I wanna Be Like You
  81. There's Something in the Air/But it's not on the Airwaves
  82. Things Will Never Be the Same/The Times They Are A-Changin
  83. This is Not a Folk Song
  84. Thrift Store Diva
  85. Thrift Store Diva (the moon)
  86. Time
  87. Time  4:59 Rockstroh/Chandler As Time Goes By Herman Hupfeld
  88. Time Piece 6:49 Rockstroh/Chandler Time, Time, Time Tom Waits
  89. To Be More Beautiful By: Dar Williams and Chris Chandler
  90. Top Banana/People Get Ready
  91. Twenty-first Century Skid Row Man
  92. Whoop
  93. Whoop/I Shall Be Released
  94. Wild Mountain Thyme/Song
  95. Woody
  96. Wounded Knee Visited and Revisited
  97. Wounded Knee Visited and Revisited 8:46 Chris Chandler and David Roe Geronimo's Cadillac Michael Martin Murphy
  98. You're So Mundane