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Muse and Whirled Retort Sept 2021

Hey Everybody!

First let me say thank you all for the support y’all have given me in booking this October tour through Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina Tennessee Washington, DC Philadelphia, Asbury Park, NJ, Highland Park, NJ and New York City.

But I am sad to say I have had to cancel all of it due to COVID Concerns. I have had three friends catch it while performing in those areas. And if either I or Paul were to catch it, at the very least we would have to quarantine for ten days it just seems undoable. I am sorry to disappoint. I have canceled very few shows in my 30 + year career, and this tour is far more dates than all the previous canceled shows in 30 years combined.


I AM GOING TO PLAY THE KERRVILLE FOLK FESTIVAL on October 10! Paul Benoit will not be joining me due to COVID concerns. I will be fielding a band from the - how do ya put it? The Campfire Allstars. If you are going to be there that weekend and thing there is something we could do together - drop me a line.


I will continue to perform my “Poem of the Week” every Sunday at 9:00 on Facebook.

and also: “The Mighty Monthly Muse” a full set of poems on the first Sunday of every month. THAT IS TONIGHT! at 9 PM Eastern.

You can join us on Zoom by clicking I want to see the Mighty Monthly Muse

or pasting

it is a pay what you can event including zero. There will be an afterparty where we can all hang and chat. Un mute yer mic and hoot and holler like you were in the grandstands.

This is going to be a pre-release celebration of the new record from me and Paul Benoit: “Meek Rising”

Speaking of such, the new record is coming along! We had hoped to have a CD release party at Kerrville, but since Paul will be unable to join me - we have decided to postpone it for a bit.

If you would like to (and god knows i need it) help support this noble endevor you can do so by making a donatio at


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if you would like to be a continuing supporter even a few bucks a month it would help!


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Finally, This will be the last news leter from the old website. She has served me well for may years, but it is time for her to get an overhaul. change is afoot, let’s give it a hand.
ENOUGH ENOUGH of the crass comercial anouncments. It is time for:

The Mighty Monthly Muse.

The title track from the new album.

T.H.E. .M.I.G.H.T.Y. .M.O.N.T.H.L.Y. .M.U.S.E.
SEPT 5, 2021
Highland Park, NJ

Don’t Go Back to Sleep / Meek Rising
Paul Benoit/ Chris Chandler

Can you hear the harmonies, don’t go back to sleep.

In the “before times,”

I like it when your next to me, Don’t go back to sleep

we sat upon our couches,

There were angels on the radio

we hit the TV remote

and devils in the dawn

and the little white dot appeared in the static

The sun was singing loudly

and from its static

but i don’t know the song

the television itself calmly commanded:

Don’t go back to sleep

“Buy a Toyota.”

But today, the TV speaks in a somber tone:
“In these tying times,
Buy a Toyota.”

The master knows when every sparrow falls
Don’t go back to sleep

For the times they are a-trying,

You will answer when he calls
Don’t go back to sleep

I say, Celebrate these trying times.

Memories caught in the wire, the hounds let loose your mad desire

Celebrate how we can come together.

So much to hold No more to give away

Blessed are the meek

We were drowsy everyday

for they shall inherit the earth.

Don’t Go back to sleep

I do not wish to inherit the earth,
but I do want to help create
an Earth worth

Light a lamp talk to your shadow Don’t go back to sleep

The illiterate quote the ignorant

It’s no ordinary battle

in an effort to mask

Don’t go back to sleep

the refusal to wear a mask
as rugged individualism.

Lost again in the seas depth

and the greater good as
“flock mentality.”

We are all sailing on a sinking ship

The very same ones
that long for herd immunity

Our voyage ended in a stand.

are the very same ones
that deride us as sheep.

never come back again.

and to that, I say,
Be a shepherd.

Don’t go back to sleep

We need shepherds.

We must be strong enough to stand alone,
yet wise enough to stand together.

We can not fly unless we first stand.
and when we all stand together
we realize that the lifting power
of many wings
can achieve
twice the distance
of any single bird flying alone.

When the bird in front tires
he flies to the back so that he may rest
in the draft of the others.

It is in deed YOUR attitude, that determines OUR altitude, and our altitude is determined by,
the attitude of those we fly with.
Fly with me?

It is no coincidence
that both sheep and birds
travel as a flock.

I think of the essential workers...
as the essential members of our flock.

Sheep and bird.
both flying point AND folding into the flock.

Some get plenty of praise...
first responders, cops, nurses, firefighters,
they have good salaries,
they have pensions.
they have a voice... that is being heard

We honor them.
and loudly,
but what about the others?

(in these tying times)
Let us hear them.

The truck drivers,
the meat packers, the pet food canners.
They are our saviors.

Step lightly over sorrow
Don’t go back to sleep

Saved are the sanitation workers
and online school teachers,

It might visit you tomorrow

Precious are the
Postal workers.

Don’t go back to sleep

Divine the delivery drivers,
for they are glorious,
and there could be no glory without them.

Love mercy and southing grace

Glorious are the garbage workers,

will lift you to a higher place

the tik-tok go go girls,

Trying to be what you’ll never be

and grocery store stockers

is like arguing with electricity

you are hollowed
and for you I shout

Don’t go back to sleep


Beautiful are the the beverage bottlers,

Absolved are the auto mechanics
Christened, the computer repair people,
for you are transcendent.

are the tasks of the lowest of the low magnified by the looking glass
of ten thousand eye balls that see at once.

(in these tying times),
The strength of the whole is defined by the individual...
the strength of the individual is created by the whole.


Holy are the highway maintenance men.

Holy are the Hoi Polloi

Holy are the vandals for vigilance.

Holy are those that Howl for humanity.

Holy are the riffraff of righteousness,

Holy are the wretched rank-and-file rabble
yearning to be roused.

Hallowed are the handy men...

Bodacious are the Bodega attendants,

Forever, the farmers and Pharmacists.

Luscious are the liquor store lackeys (no pun intended,)

magnificent the marijuana dispensaries

perfect, the protestors,
the afore mentioned vandals for vigilance
they are
after all -

I’m ok with the mystery

as they face the teargas of oppression
in an effort to burn down

Don’t go back to sleep

the last vestiges of
“the before times.”

The different ways it feels to me

so that the meek shall rise

Don’t go back to sleep

from the ashes of the past,

So many voice from the sea

to inherit a world

Don’t go back to sleep

we have all helped make

And all the unplaced melodies

worthy of inheriting.

Don’t go back to sleep.

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