An important correction to Chris Chandler's Muse and Whirled Reotrt

Hey Everybody,
Chris Chandler here with a correction to the Muse and Whirled Retort.
So sorry to bother you more than the promised once in a month.

Thank you soooo much to those of you who pointed out that the link to buy an advance copy of the new CD David and I are working on was bad.

Here it is.  I hope to have it done by Christmas.

Also, so is the link to make a contribution to the new CD.  

Here is the link

Since we are busy making the CD we are not performing - which means - well, no money is coming in and instead money is moving in the opposite direction.  We are paying musicians and studio time.  So... a contribution of a hundred dollars will get your name in the liner notes.  It's the best I can offer.

Thanks again, and feel free to drop me a line  by hitting reply - if just to say hi - or you can go to
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