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EVIL (is boring)

This film was made in Victoria BC. Amanda Stark and I had written a film script for the poem I wrote with Phil Rockstroh. She was living in a lumber yard in Victoria and I was living in my car in Portland. We scraped together enough money to buy a keg of beer to throw a party. She invited anybody that had anything to do with film or video in VIctoria. We made lists of needs. Sets, cameras, VCRS. We had a shooting schedule and by the end of the party we had the entire production crew and equipment in place and managed to make this for the cost of the keg of beer. AHHH youth! this is circa 1992

Film Chris Chandler, Amanda Stark, Paul Manly, Andrew Geogan, Lyle and Roxanne
Song Chris Chandler and Phil Rockstroh from the album Generica

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